Hello, my name is Jeff and I would like to introduce you to Loam Studios. At Loam, we design custom websites to help people collect, visualize, and interact with data. We help people gain a new perspective on their data by displaying it in beautiful and perceptually sound ways.

Loam was founded in 2011 as a place where I could put to practice what I learned during my PhD at Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology. Being able to practice your craft is fundamental to mastering it. I knew it was one thing to study a subject at the graduate level and whole different thing to actually put the knowledge into practice. Doing is key. A couple years ago, my supervisor connected me with a professor from SFU’s Beedie School of Business who needed a custom visualization built for her research project. I took the project and built the visualization. After the semester ended, she became my first consulting client.

Today, Loam continues the work I started as a research assistant. This summer, I brought on some much needed help and have begun to collaborate with Graeme Ellis. Together, we’re building the company we want to work at for the rest of our lives.

My vision for Loam is simple. We want to build great software that helps people solve problems. I believe the best technology empowers people to do a job. It’s a tool. It works. It delights with its ease of use and clarity of purpose.

Thank you for stopping by. Welcome to our online home.